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Video: Tre Mason's Mother Blames Football For Son's Poor Mental Health

The apparent mental demise of Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason, 23, has recently been a topic of discussion.

According to his mother, however, the role of football in damaging one's mental state is not talked about enough.

Released police footage shows a poignant call for awareness from Tre Mason's mother. Specifically, the footage comes from a July 27 incident, when cops cited the football player for riding his ATV around Palm Beach, Fla. illegally. As the police officers note in the video, Mason technically should have been at training camp rather than cruising through his neighborhood.

You can watch the video below: 

The cops privately agree that Mason is "blowing his career away...his career's going down the tubes."

"He's too busy "f***ing around...He should be playing football," one of the officers tells Mason's mother. She adamantly disagreed.

"No, he actually shouldn't...because this is the [side of] football that nobody knows about...He's 22 in a 10-year-old's mindset right now ... Tre's not himself at all. He's not making good decisions."

Mason’s mother also said Tre isn’t even aware of what is going on with his career:

“As much as he’s accomplished, as hard as he’s worked, as much as he’s built his character, in record-breaking time it’s going downhill because of what’s going on...He doesn’t even know. He’s not conscious enough.”

There is plenty of evidence to support claims of Mason's lack of consciousness. Reportedly, the police have been called to his home about six times in the past five months, with Mason allegedly making bizarre statements and punching a hole in a wall during one of the them.

If Mason's family is correct, and football head injuries are the reason for his concerning behavior, it's best that Mason did not report to training camp.

Mason was the Rams' third-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He rushed for 207 yards on 75 carries and had one touchdown in 13 games last season.

The Rams open their season on Sept. 12 against the San Francisco 49ers.