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Colin Cowherd Sums Up What The SEC Means To College Football

Colin Cowherd discussing something on his show.

YouTube/Colin Cowherd

The Pac-12's decision to play football this fall may have gotten the headlines tonight, but Colin Cowherd is focusing his attention on the SEC.

Back in August, the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced they would be postponing fall sports, including football. At the time, the SEC preached patience and said it wanted to wait before making a decision.

Well, the SEC ultimately decided to play, as did the ACC and Big 12. Now, the Big Ten and Pac-12 have changed direction and are set to take the field this fall.

Heading into the first weekend of SEC play, Cowherd dropped some serious praise on the conference on Twitter tonight.

"Not shocking — as predicted — the SEC led the way in the full return of college football," he wrote. "Never wavered. Best players. Best leadership. Most passion. Why they keep kicking everyone’s ass."

No one can question Cowherd's take on the SEC's passion and it is pretty well-established the conference has the best players.

Best leadership? Well, that's up for debate overall but it does seem like the league handled the current situation well.

The reward for doing so will be SEC games this weekend.