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Report: Antonio Callaway, Treon Harris Accused Of Sexual Assault

This past January, Florida football players Treon Harris and Antonio Callaway were suspended from the team for "violating the school's code of conduct policy." Last month, Harris announced he's be transferring from the program. Callaway, meanwhile, is still suspended, but allowed to practice with the team. Friday, via ESPN, we're learning a little more about why the two Gators stars were reprimanded.

According to Paula Lavigne and Mark Schlabach, Harris and Callaway were accused of sexually assaulting a woman last December. ESPN obtained a letter from the woman's attorney, which states that she will not attend Callaway's student conduct code hearing because Florida has hired a football booster to adjudicate the case. In fact, her parents won't attend either. Nor will the five witnesses to the scene. Here's more:

"This has been a difficult decision but as I previously indicated to you, the fact that UF has hired a football booster to adjudicate a sexual assault allegation against one of the team's own football players is a fundamentally skewed process in which [the complainant] refuses to participate," Clune wrote in an Aug. 5 letter to UF deputy general counsel Amy Hass. "To be clear, [the complainant] remains very willing to participate in a fair and unbiased disciplinary process. Mr. Calloway's behavior has had a great impact on her life and continuing as a student at UF is of great importance to her and her future."

Callaway, a sophomore, caught 35 balls for 678 yards and four touchdowns in 2015. Harris, meanwhile, threw for 1,676 yards and nine touchdowns against six interceptions. Harris took over the starting quarterback job after Will Grier was suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs. Grier has also since left the team, leaving Florida with a pretty big hole at signal-caller.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Callaway, but this obviously isn't a good look for Florida. We'll keep you updated.