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Attorney Handling Will Grier Appeal Tells Florida Fans To "Rest Easy"

Morgan & Morgan, a law firm predominantly based in the Southeast, will be handling Will Grier's appeal of his year-long suspension. 

The Florida quarterback was suspended for a year on Monday after it was revealed he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. 

Grier, a redshirt freshman, will be appealing the NCAA's decision. Matt Morgan, one of the attorney's who will be handling the appeal, told Gator fans tonight to "rest easy." 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Grier will have to win his appeal on "procedural grounds, questioning how the test sample was collected, or on knowledge grounds, arguing he didn't know what he was putting into his body or questions the specific banned substance."

One of the other attorneys who will be handling the appeal is Clay Townsend, a Florida alumnus and the father of Gator punter Johnny Townsend. 

If Grier doesn't win his appeal, he'll be out until the seventh game of Florida's 2016 season.