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Auburn DE Byron Cowart's Twitter Activity Again Seemingly Indicates Frustration At AU

Auburn freshman defensive end Byron Cowart, a former five-star recruit, picked the Tigers over Florida on Signing Day 2015. During training camp in August, it seemed like Cowart was frustrated with how things were going at AU. Now, with the Tigers struggling at 3-2 and the Gators turning heads at 5-0, that frustration appears to still be there. 

On Sunday night, Cowart tweeted this photo, which he later deleted but has been screen-shotted. 

">October 5, 2015

That picture is from the Nickelodeon series Spongebob Squarepants, and seems to indicate Cowart feels trapped at Auburn while others--Florida freshmen defensive end CeCe Jefferson, perhaps?--are thriving elsewhere.

Another Twitter user, @IAKOWRecruiting, produced a screenshot of Cowart's "favorited" tweets. A lot of pro-UF stuff in there.

">October 4, 2015

Typical freshman frustration, or is Cowart not long for The Plains? We'll have to wait and see.