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Florida's Dan Mullen: 'We Will Have A Black Jersey Combination At Some Point'

Dan Mullen speaking to the media at a Florida Gators press conference.

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 27: Florida Gators head football coach Dan Mullen speaks during an introductory press conference at the Bill Heavener football complex on November 27, 2017 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

Florida will be joining the ranks of programs with black alternate uniforms. Dan Mullen said as much this evening.

Last fall, Florida broke out some pretty controversial "swamp green" gator-skin patterned uniforms. The uniforms were... interesting, to say the least.

The Gators wore the alternate uniforms for their home game against Texas A&M. They presented a distinct challenge to viewers.

The uniforms blended into the field, making the tough-to-watch 2017 Gators even more literally so. Naturally, they were not very popular among fans.

However, recruits seemed to like them. Mullen spoke to Gator fans at the Tampa Yacht & Country Club this evening, and the topic of uniforms came up.

As with many traditional fan bases, Gator fans want to see their classic uniforms every Saturday. However, Mullen wouldn't discount the appeal of the Gator skin uniforms among his future players.

Dan Mullen actually seemingly broke some Gator uniform news as well. Florida will wear the long-rumored black jerseys at some point.

There have been rumors and reports of black uniforms for the Gators over the last few years. We've gotten other alternate looks, but not that one yet.

SEC Country has more full comments from Mullen. It sounds like Florida's players will have a large say in what the Gators wear week-to-week.

“You know what’s amazing, the favorite uniform of every kid we recruited was the green uniform. And they’re the ones that have to win game for us,” Mullen said.

“We’re going to have fun with that with the guys, because I’m going to tell you, what is important is the guys covering the kickoff. And if the guys on the field play unbelievably hard and make plays, I mean what if the Pouncey brothers or [Tim] Tebow and Percy [Harvin] said, ‘I’m not going there because they don’t wear cool uniforms’? We still set, we don’t want to change those uniforms ever? … Whatever they want to wear, right? That’s what it is.”

Florida opens its season on Sept. 1 against Charleston Southern. Fear not, Gator fans, UF will be wearing its classic uniforms for that one.