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Watch: Florida Head Coach Dan Mullen Responds To Lane Kiffin's Tweet

New Florida head coach Dan Mullen speaks to SEC Network.

Dan Mullen had a phenomenal response to Lane Kiffin's tweet.

After the announcement over the weekend that Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen would be the next coach at Florida, FAU head coach Lane Kiffin took to Twitter to congratulate his colleague and friend. But you see, no Kiffin tweet would ever be complete without some trolling, so he made sure to get it in on the last line.

"Welcome to faU's state," he wrote.

Check it out:

Yesterday, Dan Mullen got his opportunity to respond to the tweet, and he had a pretty solid comeback. “Well, you know what, I think they have an extra letter in their name in there,” Mullen said. “He’s gotta drop that letter a little bit.”

Very nice. Hopefully verbal sparring between the two Florida coaches becomes a regular thing.