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Danny Kanell Continues To Troll SEC After 2-0 Championship 1st Quarter

ESPN's Danny Kanell has no filter when it comes to blasting the SEC, especially when the Florida Gators are involved. The first quarter of this afternoon's championship between Alabama and Florida finished 2-0 in favor of the Crimson Tide after they blocked a Gator punt for a safety. There hasn't been a lot of offense to come by for either squad. Kanell didn't waste the opportunity to shoot a barb at the league as a whole.

">December 5, 2015

A Florida State alumnus, it isn't too surprising to see Kanell blasting the Gators and their conference. He's been doing so for weeks now, after UF struggled with Vanderbilt, after the strange catfish situation in the fan base, and over Gator fans' clothing choices. We expect his replies to be very interesting.