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Dominique Easley Apparently Doesn't Like The South, Gets Cryptic On Why He Chose To Play For Florida

Lookout Urban.

Florida senior defensive tackle Dominique Easley, one of the best players at his position in the country, is probably hoping that teams in the NFC South and AFC South aren't looking his direction on draft day. Easley told Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post that he isn't a big fan of the geographic region today. He also took a shot at the state of Kentucky and got very cryptic when asked about Urban Meyer's recruitment and why he attended Florida - even implying that he didn't "choose" to play for the Gators. Per Lieser:

Poor Kentucky.

This isn't the first weird interview Easley has given (he once told reporters he didn't know who Bear Bryant was) and it certainly won't be the last. We'll see if he ever feels like expanding on his bizarre set of answers - I'm sure people would love to know just how Urban persuaded Easley.