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ESPN Under Fire For "SEC Bias" After Tweeting Top 11 Instead Of Top 10

Typically, if you're going to tweet out college football rankings, you either include the entire list of 25 teams or just cap it off at 10. ESPN did things a bit differently on Sunday, and as a result, the network is getting accused of having an "SEC bias", yet again.

After the AP Poll dropped, ESPN tweeted out a list of the top 11 teams in the country. The 11th team, Florida, resides in the SEC. It's curious, to say the least. College football fans are up in arms about it.

">October 4, 2015


— Brandon Towers (@b_towers314)

The SEC bias is real @espn

— Brandon Towers (@b_towers314) October 5, 2015

">October 5, 2015

">October 5, 2015

We doubt we'll see an explanation from ESPN regarding why 11 was the magic number. That being said, some fans think they already know the answer.