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Florida Releases Statement Denying Bizarre "Halloween Cat" Was Shot At LSU, Mike VI

A bizarre object, which appears to be a cat skeleton, found its way to the Florida sideline during the Gators' win over Missouri. Some LSU fans believe it was intended as a shot at mascot Mike VI, who passed away this week.

During Florida's game, players were seen with a strange cat-like object. Considering the recency of Mike the Tiger's death at LSU, and how that rivalry has gone down this season, some LSU faithful believed the Gators were taking a dig.

The cat skeleton, which is adorned with purple and gold Mardi Gras-style beads, was also spotted in the stands. It appears that a fan brought it to the game.

Florida released a statement about what it is calling the "Halloween cat," saying that it was tossed on the field and has "no significance" to the Gators program.

LSU fans aren't having it though.

It'd be easier to dismiss as a weird thing a fan brought, if not for the LSU-colored Mardi Gras beads. Either way, it is pretty clear that it is not a prop that Florida planned for, but the players involved probably should be smarter about things, and had to know how this would look. Rivalries are fun, but making fun of a school's dead mascot isn't a great look.

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