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AP's Mark Long Shoots Down Rumors That Florida Will Announce Chip Kelly Hire Tonight

Chip Kelly speaking as the head coach of the 49ers.

Florida may be in contact with former Oregon coach Chip Kelly, but per a report no announcement about any new Gators coach is imminent.

Chip Kelly has been connected to top college football jobs since his NFL career looked like it was coming to an end.

Those long-standing rumors are heating up this year, with a number of big jobs already open, or primed to become available in the coming weeks. The hottest right now: Florida.

Kelly-to-Florida rumors have run the gambit over the last few days, as a quick perusal of our site shows:

  • Florida, Chip Kelly Have Begun The “Mutual Exploration Process”
  • Florida Is Reportedly Picking Up “Serious Steam” With Chip Kelly
  • Florida AD Scott Stricklin Responds Directly To Rumor Of Chip Kelly Being A “Done Deal” To UF
  • A University Of Florida Plane Is Reportedly Heading To Bristol, And People Are Speculating It Is For Chip Kelly
  • Florida’s AD Does Not Appear To Be Meeting With Chip Kelly

Scott Stricklin has already pointedly shot down the "done deal" story, and yet, tonight a quick Twitter search of "Florida Chip" will show numerous tweets about how the ESPN analyst is set to be announced as Florida's new head coach tonight.

Associated Press writer Mark Long has shot down that rumor.

Slow your roll, Florida fans. The Gators may very well land Kelly, but it seems hard to believe the turn around would be this quick.