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Florida Coach Jim McElwain Officially Denied He is The Naked Man In Viral Shark Photo

Florida head coach Jim McElwain speaks at the podium.


Well, we now have word from the man himself.

Florida football head coach Jim McElwain has officially denied he is the naked man on top of a shark in the infamous photo that has gone viral this week.

Please re-read that sentence again. We assure you it is a real sentence that we typed and published.

Here is the quote from McElwain to prove it.

If you are unfamiliar with the photo McElwain is referring to, well, there it is below.

You can't deny there is a facial resemblance between the UF head coach and whoever this creepy naked dude is.

A photo of a naked man and a shark.

Never in a million years did we ever think we'd be writing a post like this, but here we are.

You never know what strange things may come up during the college football off-season.