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Florida Coach Jim McElwain Reportedly Said He's Not The Man In The Infamous Shark Photo

Florida head coach Jim McElwain speaks at the podium.


Florida head coach Jim McElwain reportedly said he is not the man in the infamous shark photo making the rounds on social media.

This past weekend, an insane photo of a naked man lying on top of a shark went viral on social media. Many college football fans noted that the man looked similar to Florida head coach Jim McElwain.

Well, Deadspin actually reached out to Florida and got an answer. A Florida spokesperson reportedly told the site that McElwain has told them that it is not him.

Here's the photo. We've blacked out a portion of it for obvious reasons.

A photo of a naked man and a shark.

As you can see from the original tweet, a number of wildlife organizations are very upset with the photo's contents.

To be honest, we're surprised that Florida actually responded to Deadspin's request. Most of the time, a piece of content this ridiculous circulates on the message boards for a few days and eventually dies. Perhaps the school wanted to head it off before it got out of control.