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Florida Football: 4-Star Cornerback Chauncey Gardner Reassures Gator Fans, Tweets Out Chomp Photo

This afternoon, four-star cornerback Chauncey Gardner announced his list of official visits, and it is something. The Florida commit plans to go see some of the best games the sport has to offer this year, including Notre Dame vs. USC, Alabama vs. LSU, and the Gators vs. Florida State. Either Gardner is doing his due diligence in his recruitment—as he absolutely should—or he is setting up a dream lineup of games that any fan would like to attend.

Of course, Florida fans weren't thrilled by the news that he'd be checking out so many of their main recruiting rivals. In an attempt to calm their nerves a bit, Gardner tweeted out this picture.

We'd admittedly be a bit nervous if we were Gator fans, but every recruit should do everything he can to gather information and make the right decision. Remember, the college decision will be the biggest one most of these players have ever made in their lives to that point.