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Florida Gators Forever: Pouncey Twins Take Photos Wearing "Free Hernandez" Hats In Miami Club


So by now, most people realize that Aaron Hernandez has managed to get himself into some deep, deep trouble -- he is being investigated in a number of different murder cases.

However, some of his former teammates from the University of Florida are still showing support for their friend. Yesterday, the Pouncey twins, Maurkice and Mike, both current NFL players, were seen wearing "Free Hernandez" hats while celebrating their birthdays in a Miami club.

Here are a few photos:

So I understand why the Pounceys want to show support for Hernandez, but somebody really needed to tell them that this wasn't a good idea. I'd imagine that both Maurkice and Mike will get an earful from their coaches.

Guess that Gator brotherhood lasts forever though.

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