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Florida's Keanu Neal Had A Fantastic Response To Writer Who Says He'll Be Last Player In Green Room

Earlier, the NFL released the list of 25 playerswho will be attending this year's NFL Draft in person. Among them is Florida safety Keanu Neal, who has been climbing draft boards during the process. CBS Sports currently projects him as a second round pick, and one blogger–Dan Kadar of SB Nation's "Mocking the Draft"–somewhat snarkily predicted that Neal will be the last player left in the green room. Neal saw the tweet, and his response was pretty perfect.

">April 12, 2016

">@MockingTheDraft love it

— Keanu Neal (@Keanu_Neal)

@MockingTheDraft love it

— Keanu Neal (@Keanu_Neal) April 12, 2016

">April 12, 2016

To his credit, Neal handled the retort in a pretty funny manner as well.

">@Keanu_Neal shit

— Dan Kadar (@MockingTheDraft)

@Keanu_Neal shit

— Dan Kadar (@MockingTheDraft) April 12, 2016

">April 12, 2016

">April 12, 2016

Beware, everyone. If you say something negative about Neal on Twitter, he will find you.

">April 12, 2016