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Former Florida Linebacker Channing Crowder On Will Muschamp: 'He's Nick Saban'

Through three seasons as Florida's head coach, Will Muschamp is a modest 22-16. The 42-year-old had success in 2012, but that 11-2 season has been sandwiched by a 7-6 and 4-8 year, the latter of which included a loss to an FCS team. 

So, it might seem odd that former Florida linebacker Channing Crowder is comparing the Gators' coach to the best college football coach in the country, Nick Saban, but that's what happened in a Q&A with Florida Today

From the Q&A: 

"I loved Muschamp with the Dolphins. I never saw him as a college coach," Crowder said. "When you have a college team, you're a little more anal. I saw him as an NFL coach, and an NFL coach you have to be cool because if you get too anal you'll lose your entire team. Muschamp is a stupid (in a good way) defensive mind. He's (Nick) Saban. Muschamp knows defense like Nick Saban does. I don't know if Muschamp can be Nick Saban, though, because football is changing into this wide-open, score points type game, changing the rules for the defense, changing the rules for the defensive backs — no hitting, injuries, concussions, blah blah blah.

"Muschamp is that old-school way of thinking and if he can adjust into more of a, like Saban is ... , he's starting to get wide open. I saw him go five wide now with Alabama. He knows, 'I can't sit in the I formation the entire day.' I don't know if Muschamp has the ability to adjust like Saban does. But in the film room Muschamp is as talented as Nick Saban. I've seen him and Nick Saban in meetings. Nick Saban would say something about defense and (Muschamp) would come back and say, 'No Nick because if they get in trips that's not going to happen we're going to stick with this.' And Nick would kind of look at Will like, 'ok, Will.'"

Crowder played for Saban and Muschamp while he was on the Miami Dolphins in 2005, so while the comparison seems stretched, he does have personal experience to validate it. 

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