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Former UGA Teammate Calls David Pollack "A Loser" For Picking Against The Bulldogs

Before he was an ESPN college football analyst, David Pollack was a star defensive end for Georgia. While he probably has a lot of affinity for his alma mater, Pollack's job at ESPN is to break down and predict games without bias. Sometimes, that involves picking against the Bulldogs, even against a rival like Florida. 

This morning, Pollack projected a Gator victory over UGA this afternoon, and in doing so drew the ire of former teammate Charles Johnson. Johnson took to Twitter, calling Pollack "a loser" for his choice. 

">October 31, 2015

 Predictably, Pollack wasn't fazed by the remark. 

">October 31, 2015

Hey, Pollack is just doing his job. He's bound to tick off fans in the process, even people he used to play with. 

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