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Watch Florida's Jarrad Davis Smash His Helmet Into A Whiteboard

Jarrad Davis getting upset on the sidelines for Florida.


Florida LB Jarrad Davis was so pumped after holding Alabama to a three-and-out that he blasted a whiteboard with his helmet in celebration.

Florida is currently down, 23-9, to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, and it's looking like the Crimson Tide might pull away, but earlier the Gators were hanging tough—even leading midway through the first quarter.

At one point, the Gators defense stonewalled Alabama, holding them to a three-and-out, and linebacker Jarrad Davis was pretty happy about that.

So happy, in fact, that he did this:

Davis looks pretty psyched! And I can't blame him. Alabama is an unstoppable juggernaut of future first-round picks, so anything positive against the Crimson Tide is a reason for celebration.

Now, will the Florida defense be enough for the Gators to win the game? Almost certainly not. But hey, little victories, man.