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Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain Fires Back At Critics After Beating LSU

Florida head coach Jim McElwain held absolutely nothing back after the Gators took down the LSU Tigers.

The Florida Gators took down the LSU Tigers today 16-10 in a thriller that came down to a final goal-line stand. It was the stuff of dreams for college football fans. Two bitter rivals with everything on the line, just three seconds from a win or a loss.

Following the win, head coach Jim McElwain, drunk on victory, didn't mince words. Not even a little.

Take it away, Jim:

He's referring of course to the conspiracy theories that Florida was using Hurricane Matthew to dodge playing the Tigers and that the Gators were actively trying to duck the game.


A chorus of Florida players also joined in with basically the same sentiment as McElwain.

There's clearly no love lost between the two teams. If there's one thing to take from all of this, it's that if you say something bad about the Gators, they will never, ever forget.