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Mike Pouncey Feels Badly For Former Florida Teammate Riley Cooper

Should he?

It wasn't long ago that Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and his brother, Maurkice, were the subject of great scrutiny for a mistake made in the public eye. The Pouncey brothers, if you remember, both wore "Free Hernandez" hats out to a club just last month - a move that upset a number of people. 

Fast forward to present day, when Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper is in the spotlight after a highly questionable decision to go on a racist rant at a Kenny Chesney concert. While many NFL players have expressed their disgust with Cooper's actions, Pouncey, surprisingly, is sticking up for his former Florida Gators teammate. He spoke with's Jeff Darlington this week:

"I spent three years in college with him. I feel bad for him. That's not Riley Cooper. I know him. I know his family. I wasn't offended by it because I know him. It's just an ugly situation, and I really feel bad for him. I'll reach out to him eventually -- but I want things to die down. I don't want to be one of those guys trying to give him advice."

"I know what he's going through right now. ... One mistake can really hurt. I know he's disgusted with himself -- and I just hope he gets through it. It feels like the lowest point of your career. You're thinking, 'I can't believe I'm that guy who made that mistake.' You don't want to be that guy."

It's interesting that Pouncey's take is that Cooper just made a "mistake" - instead of taking offense to the video from a racial standpoint. It seems these Florida guys really stick up for each other, long after leaving Gainesville.

What do you think? Should Pouncey be more offended?

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