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Nick Saban Upset With BCS, Will Muschamp Offers Him A Sarcastic Solution

If Saban doesn't want to lose the SEC title, Muschamp will take a chance.

Nick Saban is headed to Atlanta for the SEC Championship this weekend, but it seems like there's trouble brewing in paradise. Apparently a shot at the SEC Title isn't enough for Alabama's head coach. He thinks the loser should get a spot in the Sugar Bowl.

As it stands now, the winner of the SEC Championship game will go on to the BCS Championship Game, while the loser is stuck with the far inferior Capital One Bowl. However No. 5 Florida will most likely play in the Sugar Bowl, a BCS bowl game. Saban thinks it's "unfair" that a lower ranked team (Florida) will get to a BCS bowl despite not being in the running for the SEC Title.

Muschamp has a solution for Saban if the Bama coach wants a guaranteed BCS bowl berth; he'll switch spots. According to Sports Illustrated, Muschamp responded to Saban's complaints with, "Well, I can switch and go to Atlanta if he doesn't want to go to Atlanta and play the Dawgs. Be careful what you ask for, Nick.''

The funny thing is that Saban benefitted from the same process last year. Despite not making it to the SEC Championship, Alabama went on to defeat LSU in the BCS National Championship game.