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Photo: Check Out This Anti-Florida "1G8RH8R" License Plate

Vanity license plates have become big among college sports fans, as we've seen them for schools like Auburn and Ohio State. The latest vanity plate comes from Florida, where one college sports fan decided to use their license plate to express their disdain for the Florida Gators with a license plate that says "1 G8RH8R."

">@ItsGreatUF — Kyle Margison (@kylemarg4)

Gotta love the haters

— Kyle Margison (@kylemarg4) July 19, 2014

">July 19, 2014

There's no word on which team this person supports, whether its a rival like Florida State or Georgia, or if they're just a Florida resident who doesn't like the Gators. Either way, even the biggest Florida fan would have to admit that this is pretty clever.