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Photo Of 2 Florida Players Blocking Each Other Goes Viral - It Perfectly Sums Up UF's Season


If you haven't heard, mighty Florida lost to Georgia Southern, an FCS football program, this past Saturday. To say that the result is an embarrassment for both the Gators and their fans would be putting it lightly. The loss knocked the team from having a chance to play in a bowl game this season.

Somehow, the final score may not actually be the most embarrassing thing to come from the contest. The below photo, which shows two UF players blocking each other mid-play, has been going viral on social media. It perfectly sums up what fans in Gainesville have been going through this season.

Coach Will Muschamp may want to start from scratch on the basic rules of football.

Luckily for him, it looks like he's going to get his chance in 2014.