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Photos: Florida Sending Recruits "Richest People In America" Forbes Magazine Covers

By now, we've all been made aware that coaches at top college football programs like to send recruits ridiculous fake magazine covers that show what the future could hold, if the player commits to play for them. But most of the time, the magazines they're choosing are of the sports variety - Sports Illustrated, ESPN, etc. Florida is apparently going a different route, one that prioritizes fortune over fame. That's right, the Gators are sending recruits Photoshopped Forbes magazine covers.

So far, at least two players, defensive end CeCe Jefferson and center Tyler Jordan, have received the pitch in the mail.

">June 13, 2014

">June 13, 2014

It's certainly a smart idea to sell the other aspects of the program - like education - given all that's been in the news this week regarding the alleged academic scandal at North Carolina. Whether it'll wind up working remains to be seen.