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Photo/Video: Florida Gator Mascots Albert And Alberta Have New Costumes

The Florida athletic department has been going through a pretty big overhaul in 2015. Both the football and basketball programs will have new coaches in the coming seasons, and the mascots that support the teams have gotten upgrades as well. Albert and Alberta, the two Gator mascots, have been redone with new lightweight costumes. The new Albert was first seen in this video:

Alligator Army has more on the changes:

Albert's eyes look different, and the block F his shirt used to sport has been replaced by the italicized, stylized F Florida is now using across its branding.

Alberta looks a bit different as well:

">@MascotGames! Thanks for the back rub

Some early morning TV time promoting @MascotGames! Thanks for the back rub

— Alberta Gator (@Alberta_Gator) June 19, 2015


— Alberta (@GZAlberta) June 19, 2015 confirmed the changes with the school.

According to the University Athletic Association’s marketing and promotions staff, the primary adjustment made to the costumes is the material: they are “much more lightweight and customized for [the] hot Florida weather.” Cosmetically, the biggest change fans will notice is the eyes of Albert and Alberta, which are opened more.

Here is a look at Albert and Alberta from last September:

">September 6, 2014

What do you think about the new costumes, Gator fans?

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