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Randy Shannon Compares Florida LB Jarrad Davis To NFL Greats

Florida linebacker Jarrad Davis had a pretty solid junior season, recording 98 tackles and 11 tackles for loss. 

His senior campaign could be a special one. 

Davis, who opted to return to Gainesville, Fla. for one final year instead of departing for the NFL, received some pretty high praise from Gators' defensive coordinator Randy Shannon. 

From The Palm Beach Post:

"He's competitive like Jon Vilma was," said Shannon. "Vilma, if you played cards, he'd play all night until he beat you. That's how Jarrad is. He'll never quit, he's going to have to win. If you want to keep competing at dominoes or a game, you're gonna be up all night with it until you let him win. Very competitive in that aspect, he takes a lot of pride in himself.

"Athletically, he has like Jon Beason-ness, the speed and the power and stuff like that and the knowledge like Ray [Lewis] was. He has the game, he knows what to do, he knows how to get the guys lined up, he knows how to protect certain guys on the defense with a call."

Shannon, who played at Miami and coached there as an assistant from 1991-97 and 2001-06 and as a head coach from 2007-10, is certainly familiar with NFL-level talent. 

If Davis can come close to living up to that hype, the Gators' defense will be in excellent shape this fall.