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Here’s Video Of Ryan Lochte, Teammates In Rio Gas Station

It doesn’t appear Ryan Lochte and his United States swimming teammates were robbed.

Brazilian website GLOBO obtained the security footage from the from the Rio gas station in question. The footage is, admittedly, a bit hard to work out.

Here's what's going on:

The security video shows the swimmers entering and exiting assumably the gas station bathroom. Clearly drunk and confused, the athletes wandered around the station, trying to get into the wrong taxi, before ultimately reaching their own.

Then, one of the swimmers raised his hands while addressing a security guard, who approached the swimmers.

Check it out:

According to GLOBO, the swimmers were aggressive towards the security guard, leading him to present his badge.

So how do we reconcile the facts in the video with Lochte's claims?

Were men dressed like police? Not unless you count the single security guard, and that's an exaggeration. Was there a robbery? It certainly doesn't look like it.

Obviously, more details need to be revealed, and the four American Olympic swimmers entangled in the mess need to be thoroughly questioned. However, it's safe to say that most of - if not all of - Lochte and Co.'s story is definitely worth taking another look at.