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Someone Made A DirecTV Commercial About Tennessee Football

Tennessee Football as a DirecTV commercial parody.

Tennessee Football DirecTV Parody

Twice this season, Tennessee has given up double-digit fourth quarter leads and lost. Back on September 12, Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma stormed back from a 17-3 deficit to force overtime, where OU outlasted the Vols. This past Saturday, UT blew a 27-14 lead down the stretch to lose a nail-biter to the Gators in Gainesville. Needless to say, Vols fans are frustrated. One went an interesting route to express himself.

A Tennessee fan named Andrew Spencer put together a fake DirecTV ad to show the different between first-half Tennessee and second-half Tennessee. You can guess which version is better - check it out:

Tennessee has a chance to right the ship against Arkansas this Saturday. A win would do wonders for the team's confidence.