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Tim Tebow Says The Idea Of Running For Public Office "Is Intriguing"

If you had to pick a former college football star to run for president, the choice would be Tim Tebow, right? 

Charming. Handsome. Successful.

Save for the fact that he has zero political experience (though judging by this year's race, you apparently don't really need it) he has a lot going for him. 

During an interview this morning with Fox & Friends's Ainsley Earhardt, the former Florida quarterback said the possibility of running for public office is "intriguing." 

“I don’t know at this time in my life … if there’s there’s a chance to make a difference someday at something, that’s intriguing,” he said. 

Sadly, the 28-year-old Tebow falls a bit short of the age requirement for United States President (you have to be at least 35). 

He could run for a spot in the United States House of Representatives, though.