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Video: 2 Tennessee Fans Beat Florida's Players In Arm Wrestling

Tennessee fan arm wrestles a Florida player.

Florida Tennessee Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling isn't a true test of strength, but what you'll see in the videos below will still surprise you. Two Tennessee fans - one of which was in Gainesville for a bachelor party last weekend - took on a number of Florida's players in arm wrestling early Sunday morning around 3 AM at a Steak 'n Shake in town. Somehow, they beat them.

Fox Sports' Clay Travis received a reader email with details of the incident. He also included two videos, which you can see below. Here's a snippet:

After some convincing, the best man turns around and tells the players, in some terms, get your biggest guy and arm wrestle Dustin. After some laughing and pushing the subject, they get Nick Buchanan who is a freshman offensive tackle to take him on. The longest video attached with the bald guy is the result of this one.

A second fan, who wasn't associated with the group, then took on a number of Florida players. He also defeated them.

According to the reader, it was all in good fun, and there was nothing confrontational during the encounter. What a night it must have been.