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Video: A Lawyer From Knoxville Created A Terrible Rap Song About The Florida Gators

Florida Gators fan.

College football season is less than a month away and fans are searching for ways to pass the time. There are many ways to do this, and each individual fan has his or her own method - some more interesting than others. 

On Friday, Lawyer Mike, a Knoxville, Tennessee attorney that just happens to be a Florida Gator fan, released his latest rap song titled "Gator Haters - Hear This!" Lawyer Mike shot parts of his music video on Florida's campus and inside The Swamp, and even brought Gators fans down memory lane with lines about Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer. It was...well, absolutely terrible. 

The Gators open their season September 5 at home against New Mexico State, and one can only assume Lawyer Mike will be watching.