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Video: Tim Tebow Hated Paul Finebaum's Horrible Attempt At A Gator Chomp

Tim Tebow lost his mind on SEC Nation today. While the crew was doing its picks for tonight's showdown between LSU and Florida, Paul Finebaum did a gator chomp to convey that he was picking the Gators to pull off the home upset. However, Finebaum's gator chomp was terrible, which led to Tebow getting offended and screaming "we will never accept that." It was pretty hilarious, check it out:

While freaking out over something as simple as a bad gator chomp may be a little much for some people, we're 100 percent behind Tebow here. Finebaum may have done the worst gator chomp of all time, and Tebow made sure he put Finebaum in his place.