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Video: Tim Tebow Surprised A Young Florida Fan In The Hospital, And It Was Awesome

Tim Tebow with a young Gator fan at the hospital.

Tim Tebow

This video is incredibly heartwarming, but you may need to view it with some tissues handy. 

Former Florida legend and Heisman-winning quarterback Tim Tebow visited Nathaniel, a patient at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville. Clearly, judging by his blanket, pillow and t-shirt, Nathaniel is a huge Gators fan. 

When Tebow walks in the room, the young boy's reaction is immediate, and priceless. Watch for yourself. 

So AWESOME to watch Tim Tebow surprise our new friend Nathaniel at Wolfson Children's Hospital! What an incredible young man!

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

That's just awesome stuff, and not a surprise coming from Tebow. 

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