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Vine: Golfer And Florida Alumnus Billy Horschel Gets Booed In Georgia For Doing Gator Chomp After Winning FedEx Cup

The rivalry between Florida and Georgia on the football field has had plenty of bad blood. Sometimes, celebrations are at the heart of the bad blood, like in 2007, when an excessive celebration by the Dawgs against the Gators made headlines.

Today, another celebration fired up fans, only this time, it wasn't on the football field. Golfer Billy Horschel won $10 million by winning the FedEx Cup, and celebrated the way you'd expect a Florida alumnus to celebrate: by doing the Gator chomp. The only issue is that the tournament was in Atlanta, and there were plenty of Georgia fans in attendance, which was made evident by the fact that Horschel got booed for doing the chomp.

You rarely ever see golf fans straight up boo a golfer, so this is kind of surprising. However, if this shows anything, it's the passion that people in the state of Georgia have for Bulldogs football.

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