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Former Georgia RB Crowell To Join Alabama State

Troubled ex-Georgia RB wants a fresh start.

So who is the real Isaiah Crowell? Is he the sensitive, fun-loving kid who endeared himself to fans by bringing his puppy onstage during Signing Day while committing to the Georgia Bulldogs, or is he the troublesome young man who last week was charged with several feloniesafter being found with a handgun under the seat of his car?

That remains to be seen, but he will have the opportunity to right his image at Alabama State, where he recently enrolled after being dismissed from the Georgia football team by head coach Mark Richt.

Alabama State coach Reggie Barlow knows there is some risk allowing Crowell to play for the Hornets, but it is one he is willing to take. He acknowledged the situation when speaking to USA Today:

"Our administration trusts me. You have to have these talks with him because he wouldn't be leaving (Georgia) if there wasn't an issue. This is basically an opportunity for him to restore his credibility. We didn't talk a bunch about football because we know he can play that."

There is less than a month until football camp opens at Alabama State, where hopefully Crowell can stay focused and get back on the right track.