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Danny Kanell Releases His Top 8 Teams After Week 10

Danny Kanell talking about the SEC on ESPN.


Danny Kanell is back with another controversial top eight.

Last week, Danny Kanell, noted SEC hater, made waves when he didn't include Alabama, the No. 1 ranked team in the nation, in the top four of his own personal rankings. Let's take a look at what Kanell has after week 10.

Kanell moved Alabama up to No. 4, presumably because Oklahoma's defense looked vulnerable during its rivalry win against Oklahoma State. He also moved Ohio State out of his top eight - with good reason - and replace them with Washington.

Here's his top eight - Georgia, Notre Dame, Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Wisconsin and Washington.

Kanell will likely be right with his four teams - but the committee on Tuesday will almost certainly have them in a different order. Last week, it was, in order, Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson.