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David Pollack Is Helping Fellow ESPN Analyst Marcus Spears Lose 100 Pounds

ESPN's David Pollack is helping out a colleague on his weight loss journey.

David Pollack and Marcus Spears were rivals in the SEC during their playing days. Pollack was a star linebacker at Georgia while Spears played defensive lineman at LSU.

Additionally, both players were first-round picks in the 2005 NFL Draft. The two squared off in the SEC Championship in 2003, with Spears' Tigers beating Pollack's Bulldogs on their way to also winning the national title.

Well, Spears and Pollack are both teammates now at ESPN. They share more than just their job covering college football as well.

Spears tweeted tonight that Pollack is helping him as he attempts to lose 100 pounds.

He's already about one-quarter of the way there.

"Wanna thank my bro @davidpollack47 for supporting me on this weight loss journey 22 down and 78lbs to go!!! #100lbsDown no days off," Spears tweeted to his followers.

In subsequent tweets, Spears said he is cutting out bread and sugar and drinking a lot of water.

Here are some recent photos of Spears, so you can see what he was working with to start.

Marcus Spears appearing on TV.

Pollack is a good weight-loss role model for Spears. He dropped 77 pounds after an injury prematurely ended his NFL career.

Best of luck, Marcus!