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Ex-Georgia Running Back A.J. Turman Is Not Thrilled With Transfer Restrictions Imposed By Kirby Smart

On Wednesday, reports came out that running back A.J. Turman will transfer from Georgia. After not playing in his first three years, and a coaching change, the decision makes a lot of sense. New UGA coach Kirby Smart will not let Turman leave freely, however. The Orlando native is being blocked from transferring to rival SEC schools, as well as Miami, where former Georgia coach Mark Richt is currently coaching. This cuts down on a few potential destinations near Turman's hometown of Orlando. In an interview with, he doesn't sound thrilled with Smart's decision.

“That’s not what he does; he doesn’t release people like coach (Mark) Richt did,” Turman said.


“I guess that’s just how he does that, and I understand that,” Turman said of Smart. “He has to put his foot down coming to a new school because he doesn’t want everyone trying to get a release. So we’re just not used to it like the kids that didn’t get recruited by him. Because we always were told if we don’t feel at home at the University of Georgia we could leave. And I thought it was still like that. Then Coach Kirby …. I understand, and I’m glad that I guess I got my release.”

Hopefully Turman can find a new home that better suits him as a player. 


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