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Gary Danielson Apologizes For His Reaction To Georgia Photographer Injury

CBS lead SEC analyst Gary Danielson

There are plenty of SEC fans who already don't enjoy Gary Danielson calling the league's biggest games on CBS. Last weekend, he didn't do much to help his case.

The Georgia vs. Auburn game featured a very frightening moment, when Georgia running back Brian Herrien accidentally ran over a UGA photographer on the sideline.

The woman, who was later identified as student Chamberlain Smith, is luckily okay. The collision was very scary, though.

Smith was knocked unconscious, and was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher. She was discharged from the hospital later that night.

The gravity of the situation was clear to pretty much everyone right away...except for Gary Danielson. He first thought it was an Auburn player injured, and then awkwardly laughed about the situation, as cameras showed Smith motionless on the ground. Naturally, people were pretty outraged about the whole thing.

CBS has Georgia once again today, with the team hosting Texas A&M. Early in the game, Danielson took the time to apologize to Smith for how he handled last weekend's frightening moment.

From Danielson:

"Real time, I just didn't see what happened. In fact, I was the last person to see what happened. That confusion, and my commentary that followed led some to conclude that I was being insensitive to Chamberlain's serious situation. That certainly wasn't my intent. "But, I get that it happened and our viewers saw it, and simply put, I should have been better. I want to apologize to Chamberlain, and our CBS viewers for that."

Before the game, Smith tweeted that she was watching today's game from home, so hopefully she got Danielson's message.

This apologize probably should've come last week, but at least he said something, and owned up to a very rough mistake.


Good on Gary Danielson to admit the dumbness he had spewed last week when @ChamberlainSmit got hurt. Should've done it right away and/or never did what he did, but good to see him admit it & most importantly, apologize!!

— NPiRSprtz (@NYCsporty) November 23, 2019