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Georgia Basketball Walk-On Dusan Langura Injured During Bomb Explosion In Switzerland

Crazy story.

Today, we came across one of the most shocking injury stories that you'll ever see. Georgia basketball walk-on Dusan Langura will have to miss his first season as a Bulldog due to tearing his ACL. But this isn't the type of injury report you're used to hearing.

According to The Telegraph, Langura was injured due to a bomb explosion while he was serving in the military in Switzerland. Let me say that again -- a bomb exploded near him while he was defending his country, and it resulted in a torn ACL. Courageous is the first word that comes to my mind.

Here's what UGA head basketball coach Mark Fox told Seth Emerson of The Telegraph: 

"We've committed to have him come. He can really shoot the ball and he was going to be on our team. He had to serve his military commitment and this happened during it so we're still going to honor our commitment to him. And once he gets healthy he'll be out there with us." 

Fox went on to say that he thinks Langura, who is a 6-foot-4 guard, will be cleared to practice around January. Either way, it's sad that Langura will miss his first season but his injury is definitely an honorable one. 

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