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Georgia Football's Locker Room Now Has A DJ Booth

Part of Georgia football's locker room upgrades included the addition of a DJ booth, for some reason.

It's not enough anymore to have state-of-the-art facilities and resources to attract student-athletes. That might've been the case in years past, but no longer. Now, with each multi-million dollar renovation, schools are trying their hardest to outdo one another. Being on par with everyone else is no longer acceptable. So with that in mind, Georgia went ahead and put a DJ booth in its locker room. Why? Hard to say.

At any rate, here are a couple Georgia football players getting a kick out of it.

While the DJ booth is unlikely to help the Bulldogs on the field this season, it's still kind of cool to have, I suppose.

Personally, if I was a student-athlete at a school hell-bent on throwing money around, I'd rather just have a lazy river to chill in, though that might be a little more expensive than a DJ booth. However, with $63 million in the renovation budget, Georgia could probably make that happen too.