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Georgia Posts Infographic About Hutson Mason, Doesn't Know The Difference Between 'Bias' And 'Biased'

If you read about sports on the internet (which we know you do), you've seen more than a few occasions of people who don't seem to realize that there is a difference between the words 'bias' and 'biased'. For example, many believe that ESPN is 'bias' towards the SEC; of course, it would be correct to use 'biased' in that situation. Georgia seems to have similar issues with this poor grammatical trend. In a recent "senior spotlight" infographic post about quarterback Hutson Mason, he was asked about his favorite UGA player, and responded that he may be 'bias' towards D.J. Shockley. 

No, this is not a huge deal, but take it as a PSA. When making your complaints about someone's feelings for a specific team, or a network's coverage of one conference over another, the word you're looking for is 'biased'.