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Watch: Georgia Strength Coaches Pull 5,500-Pound Truck 100 Yards Uphill

I wouldn't mess with the Georgia strength and conditioning staff.

It's "Throwdown Thursday" for Georgia football, which means the Bulldog strength and conditioning staff are going to—you guessed it: throwdown.

But how are they going to throwdown on this occasion?

By pulling a damn truck up a 100-yard incline, that's how.

Check it out:

Good lord.

Now, it's one thing to push a car on even terrain—while tough, it's all about producing just enough force to get the car rolling, and from there it gets significantly easier—but pulling/pushing a 5,5000-pound vehicle up a hill? That's on another level entirely. Kudos to these guys.

All in a day's work for the Georgia strength and conditioning staff.