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Georgia Superfan Releases Ridiculous "We're Bringing Gurley Back" Video

This past Tuesday, we saw a Mississippi State fan release an absurd music video for his song "I'm All About That State." It looks like he's now got some competition for the most questionable college football-related pop song parody of the week.

A Georgia superfan named Ashley Unzicker, who apparently likes to release random videos of herself rapping, has dropped a video titled "We're Bringing Gurley Back" - clearly an ode to running back Todd Gurley's upcoming return this Saturday after he was forced by the NCAA to sit out four games following an autographs-for-money investigation. The lyrics actually aren't bad, for what it's worth. Head coach Mark Richt also makes an appearance.

If Justin Timberlake were a Georgia fan, he'd surely approve. We're not sure how Dawg Nation is going to react, however.