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Georgia's Mark Richt Hints That Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall Will Leave For NFL Following This Season

No team in college football should have a more talented running back combination than Georgia this season. The Bulldogs, with Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, should possess one of the country's most potent rushing attacks come fall. 

Gurley ran for 989 yards and 10 touchdowns on 165 carries in 2013, while Marshall totaled 246 yards and one score on 56 carries. The talented backs, both juniors, could play in Athens, Ga. through 2015. Georgia's coach, Mark Richt, doesn't think that's likely to happen, though. 

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Richt spoke about the difficulties of recruiting a top running back in the 2015 class. Georgia has incredible depth at the running back position, with two five-star freshmen running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel backing up Gurley and Marshall. 

Gurley and Marshall might soon be gone from the program, though, so Richt doesn't think it'll be too tough to reel in a top prospect. 

“No I don’t think (it will be a problem),” Richt said recently. “What are the chances of Gurley staying around a long time? You know, (and) Keith Marshall for that matter? You know, if you only have three running backs on campus, and you take two out of there … That’s not enough. The kids know that.”

“You probably didn’t think you’d get a Nick Chubb and Sony Michel this past year. I don’t think anybody wants to be the one guy.

“Around 20 years ago, it was ‘I want to be the guy. I want 20 or 30 carries per game. I want to be the man. Now it’s like I want to be one of the men’ because they understand, and the NFL Draft has proven that. Backs don’t have a long life. Teams don’t have just one guy. They need to get two or three that help carry the load.”

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