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Photo: Georgia And South Carolina Passed Time During Their Weather Delay With Snapchat

One thing the popular smart phone app Snapchat has been doing lately is Snapchat Live, which is a collection of Snaps by people at a certain event. Every week, Snapchat Live has included Snaps from people at college football games, with this week's location being Columbia for South Carolina's game with Georgia.

Unfortunately, the start of the game was delayed due to a weather delay, so both teams need to pass the time. One way they've done this is Snapchat, and thanks to Snapchat Live, we've seen some of the Snaps sent out by players. Here's a Snap of South Carolina kicker Elliott Fry getting warmed up on an indoor track.

From Georgia's locker room, freshman linebacker Lorenzo Carter is passing the rain delay by sending Snaps and listening to some music.

The two teams ended up surviving the weather delay, and you can watch them square off on CBS.