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Photo: Georgia Football Players All Get Their Own iPads To View The Playbook

To view the playbook.

College football is always changing. Long gone are the teams of three yards and a cloud of dust. Also gone are the sweet leather helmets, deferring to their chrome counterparts. Next up? Teams are ditching the hard-copy playbook.

That's right, the football playbook is going digital for teams, most notably the Georgia Bulldogs. In fact, each player on the Georgia team gets their own iPad with the playbook loaded in:

Admittedly, this is much more convenient for the players, and could allow them to interact with the playbook more often. However, we're sure that people will be crying foul and that the school is using the playbook as an excuse to gift players iPads. As long as they do have a specific school and football use though, I have no problem with them.