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Report: Georgia's Tray Matthews Was Kicked Off Team For Incident In Classroom

On Tuesday, it was announced that Tray Matthews had been dismissed from Georgia's football team. At the time, the reasoning for the safety's departure from the program was unclear. 

According to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Matthew's ejection from the Bulldogs' program was the result of a classroom disruption. 

">@Trigga_Tray28) dismissal was all about that mid-March arrest? Think again:

— Tanya Sichynsky (@tanyasic)

EXCLUSIVE: Think Tray Matthews' (@Trigga_Tray28) dismissal was all about that mid-March arrest? Think again:

— Tinsel Sleighynsky (@tanyasic) June 5, 2014

">June 5, 2014

In an exclusive interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Matthews admitted to having a loud conversation Tuesday with another Georgia athlete during class on the final day of the Maymester. He said he did not disrespect Dr. Ronald Bogue, the professor of his Children’s Literature course. Matthews was asked to leave the class of around 30 students but did not.

“We were just going back and forth on something and then the teacher just basically said, ‘Y’all be quiet, y’all are always talking.’ And that’s the only thing that happened,” Matthews told the AJC. “And the teacher was just, ‘Get out,’ and I was like, ‘Sorry, he just keeps talking to me. I wasn’t disrespectful to the teacher at all.”

Matthews attributes the incident as the reason why he was kicked off the team by coach Mark Richt, but said his March arrest was also likely a factor. 

“That’s basically the reason why I got kicked off though,” Matthews said of the classroom incident. “That’s what [coach Mark Richt] told me basically. … Yeah, I think it’s kind of some of the arrest stuff, too, though. But I was basically, I was leaving anyways, I just hadn’t put that in the media.”

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